Featured Recipes

  • Before the kids head outside to enjoy some spring weather, serve up this fun, healthy trail mix. This sweet and salty healthy snack will put a spring in their step and a smile on their faces.

  • Tacos don't have to be dripping in cheese to taste good. Try these healthy chicken tacos for a fresh tasting taco treat.

  • Get your kids to eat healthy snacks with these fun hard-boiled egg mice that will make everyone smile.

  • These tasty peanut butter cookies are moist and chewy. Made with rice flour, these gluten free cookies are a treat everyone can enjoy.

  • Huevos rancheros (ranch-style eggs) is a Mexican eggs recipe. Topped with cheese, beans and salsa, this gluten free breakfast recipe is packed with protein and great flavor.

  • Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this healthy seven-layer dip. Instead of high-fat refried beans and sour cream, this festive dip is packed with healthy black beans, yogurt and avocados.

  • These easy teriyaki chicken skewers are fun to eat. A tasty peanut sauce gives them a mild but delicious flavor that even the most finicky eaters will love.

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